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I will introduce myself,

My name is Randy and I have had dogs myself for 20 years.

As with the real dog people, my life will be empty if there are no dogs in my life.

Besides teaching I have a great love that is Agility, I became infected with this and although I can no longer participate due to health reasons, I have converted the passion into organizing competitions and helping with competitions from other associations.

I started as a helping hand at De Pijnhorst and after that I helped out at KC Uden.

After the loss of organizers, I picked up the baton and have already organized a number of selection competitions.

The Pinkster competition has been the competition in Uden for years and now with this new set-up and big challenge I am going to make something beautiful out of it together with Frank and make myself strong for it.


I will also introduce myself.

My name is Frank van der Lee.

In 1991 I got my first dog a Siberian Husky and there it was, the inevitable love for dogs. Since then there has not been a day without dogs in my life. There have also been many dogs in my life since then, mostly Malinois and Dutch shepherds, but also hunting dogs, Border Collies, Tosa and of course my great love Prince, a saluki, which I unfortunately have to give up too early. But not a day goes by that I don't think about this great dog.

In 2012 I became a member of Kynologenclub Uden. An association where I quickly felt at home and where I still love to come. In 2013 I joined the board at KC Uden. With a short break I have been vice-president of this association for many years and now I have been president for a while now. A position that I fulfil with love and pleasure, thanks to a great team of fellow board members.

In these years I have always been involved in the organization of competitions and other major events. Already many Whitsun agility competitions, Dutch Agility Championships, September agility competitions. The Border Collie Classic in 2016, the international dog show Outdoor Uden and of course the 50th anniversary of Kynologenclub Uden.

I have been able to organize many of these competitions together with Marcel van der Pol, and I have learned a lot from him, and my aim is to continue to organize the competitions as he would like and do it.

To turn the Whitsun competition into a three-day International event was a dream for me, and that dream is finally coming true.

Thanks to our many volunteers, who are always there for us, our sponsors and of course the judges, we are now able to organize this great event.

I wish everyone a great, sporty and certainly fun competition at this International Agility 3 days Pinkster Event.